Be a visible Leader
Speaking opportunities for executives and managers represent a strong marketing, public relations and business development tool. Sharing your technical knowledge, best practices, case studies and innovations give you personal exposure as an industry expert.

Network with Peers and share Solutions
Presentations about industry trends or “how-to” talks can make a large impact on the audience. There is much evidence that speaking at an International Forum offer increased visibility to an audience of potential customers or clients together with an increased awareness of the company in general and specific subject areas in particular.

Brand Reputation
Showcase your company’s leadership, progress and success. Your company gains increased visibility in vertical/industry sectors or broad-based areas that it has determined is in need of greater exposure.The company gains free “advertising” by having its name and the executive speaker’s name published in the agenda and promotional announcements mailed or emailed by event organizers.

Business Opportunity
Attendees learn about a company’s expertise firsthand and can interact directly with the speaker immediately before or after the presentation. An attendee asking for a business card can be the first step toward obtaining a customer or a new partner.

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