NAVEX Global helps organisations protect their people, reputation and bottom line

NAVEX Global was formed in 2012 by the joining of four GRC industry leaders with histories leading back as far as 1981. With the acquisition of a fifth solution in 2015, NAVEX Global now provides the world’s most comprehensive ethics and compliance software platform.

NAVEX Global started with the observation that ethical companies outperform in the market. People work harder and stay longer at companies that are committed to their values. Strong reputations are insulated by ethical cultures. And bottom lines are bolstered through the efficiency that comes from a trusting workforce and the loyalty of a trusting customer base. Doing the right things right is just good for business.

NAVEX Global Ecosystem

The NAVEX Global Ecosystem


Today NAVEX Global works with more than 13,000 customers around the globe, including 95 of the Fortune 100. NAVEX is proud to say that more than 40 million employees have learned about critical compliance topics from their training courseware or felt empowered to use their hotlines to report an issue.


About NAVEX Global

NAVEX Global is the first in the GRC space and strive every day to remain the best.


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